Bathroom Remodel

When you work with our team at Corona Bathroom Remodeling Solutions, we’ll handle all aspects of your home remodel project from start to finish including helping you choose tile colors and styles for each bathroom in your home as well as choosing fixtures like sinks and toilets that are right for both the look and feel of your space. We’ll also help coordinate any plumbing or electrical work needed during the process while providing recommendations on countertops, flooring materials, and more based on what works best for each area in question before moving forward with the installation phase which is handled by our own skilled craftsmen.


Beautiful & Functional Bathroom Space

Corona Bathroom Remodeling Solutions is your solution for quality bathroom renovations because we are focused on customer satisfaction. Our team of expert contractors will work with you every step of the way from design through installation so that your new bathroom looks beautiful and functions perfectly for years to come. We have been serving residential customers throughout Corona for many years and our goal has always been to provide outstanding service at an affordable price.


Full-Service Remodeling

Corona Bathroom Remodeling Solutions offers full-service bathroom renovation services in Corona as well as surrounding areas. Our team of expert bathroom remodelers will take care of everything so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll remove your old tile, apply a new backer board, set up all your fixtures correctly, install countertops, mount sinks with faucets in them, hang mirrors or pictures for you…the list goes on! Plus, we’ll clean up after ourselves when we’re done – leaving no mess behind.

With our comprehensive bathroom remodeling services you don’t need any other contractor or service provider because we handle everything from start to finish including demolition, building framing and structure, plumbing fixtures installation, electrical installation (including lighting), tiling floors & walls (tile flooring options include ceramic tile flooring tiles, porcelain tiles), custom cabinetry design/build/installation (custom cabinets are available in several wood types such as oak cabinets, cherry cabinets, maple cabinets), painting interior walls and ceilings – both accent wall paint colors and general wall paint colors.